marți, 29 octombrie 2013

Finished Egyptian Roombox

Hello friends! I have finally finished my roombox with Egyptian influences... I worked hard at it and now it is on its way to the lady who ordered it. As I said, I followed her instructions concerning the color of the walls, the positioning of all things in the room, details she wanted me to add to make it more personal... 

  I have built a sofa inspired by Egyptian furniture I found online. The colour of the sofa is a light beige, but my camera did not catch that too well... 

The carpet on the floor is an actual piece of fabric that my godfather brought me from his pilgrimage to places where Lord Jesus walked when He was on Earth. It is really beautiful, it has gold thread embroidery and it depicts a scene from Ancient Egypt (which happens to be the thing the receiver of this roombox is most passionate about). The coffee table is a plastic toy one. It used to be pink, but I painted it with acrylic paint and coated it with some cheap no-name nail polish. I have made the cookies and the plates, but the tea pot and the cups are jewelry findings and a charm, all painted by me. 

  I thought it would be funny to have the dog sniff the cookies... :)

As for the birdcage...well, I worked a lot to make it. Actually, i was so afraid to start doing that because I knew it would be hard work. In fact, had it not been for the birdcage and animals, I would have finished this roombox a long time ago! The birds are three small parrots (I had been sent pictures of them). For feathers, I cut small pieces off of some bigger real feathers. The bars of the birdcage were made of floral wire. I regret not working more on the "foot" of the birdcage, it looks kind of weird standing on that tiny thing compared to the size of the rest of it...

The turtle aquarium is another story... I bought the transparent box from Daiso; it used to hold some type of plastic bug like it was a piece in a museum. I made the turtles following the details in the photos this lady sent me. They are, actually, red eared sliders. I thought a lot about the water in the tank and finally found the solution: clear candle gel. It made some bubbles as I melted it and stirred it, but I realized that it might not be so bad after all: aquariums have lots of bubbles in them, right??? :)

This is my piece, I hope you like it and I am looking forward to sharing my next creation with you. Thank you for the time you have spent on my blog!


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Maria Ireland spunea...

You roombox is fantastic. I love the tiny birds and the turtle aquarium. Wonderful job. I am sure the customer will be very happy with it.
Hugs Maria

Susanna Zanchi spunea...