sâmbătă, 17 decembrie 2011

Merry Christmas - the finished project

I have finally finished the Christmas roombox, and my children are so excited about it! It does look cute and I reckon that the Christmas tree has great charm for a child. So, I guess I already have some little fans for my work, but I hope you like it too... :)

The food on the table was made by me from Sculpey clay, just lke the little Christmas tree over the fireplace.  The candle is actually a little piece cut from a birthday candle. In the bookcase (also made by me, trimmed with laser cuts), you can see a little mountain house found in a surprise Kinder egg, a book with real files, a shopping bag with some wrapping paper, a golden bell waiting for the carolers...).

The gifts are wood pieces wrapped in paper cut out from catalogs. The little teddy bear comes from a keychain, and the Santas from the sofa and from the bookcase are little magnets. The window has a white frame and there is a real beautiful winter landscape behind the curtains.

Alright, so this is my Christmas roombox. I hope you enjoy the pictures which, like for most things, do not do justice to this cutie. I am preparing some photos for another roombox now, see you soon!