marți, 28 februarie 2012

Thank You For The Most Wonderful Gifts!!!

The best thing about miniature blogging is making friends and discovering wonderful, lovely people who understand your passion and who are eager to help in some way! I said it before: to me, it's just amazing how some people from different corners of the world come together and are so selfless in what they do! I have never seen competition in the miniature blogging world, just a feeling of mutual admiration and acknowledgement. I feel at home amongst this kind of people. 

Today is my birthday and I just wanted to thank everybody from the bottom of my heart for sending me your handmade gifts and warm wishes. I hope all the good things that you wished for me will find a way back to you and bless your life as well!!! You were so kind to me and so, so generous! I hope I will be able to bring as much joy to you when we celebrate your birthday as I was now because of your love and kindness! Thank you very much!!!

Here are the rest of the fantastic gifts I  have received from my mini friends for my birthday (thanks to KAISA who organized this birthday swap!):

Just look at this lovely stuff that Rosella sent me (along with a letter in Romanian...)! Everything is made for a couple (maybe my husband and me? :)) I would love to see that happen: my husband playing with miniatures... ).  I can't wait to furnish a mini bathroom with these! Thank you!

Maria, your gifts are so beautiful! Thank you for the time you took to make all these precious miniatures for me! I love them!

Teruka, this is just beautiful! I love the detail on the pillows and the basket is full of goodies... also for the bathroom I am planning! :) Thank you!

Cristina's mini gifts are simply beautiful! Everything looks so real and she thought of all the things a girl might get on her birthday: jewellery, flowers, cake, clothes... Thank you, Cristina!
Sandra sent me all that great stuff came beautifully packaged, as you can see. And look at those flowers!!! I know this is a mini blog, but still I would not have the patience (let alone the talent!) to make something like that. Thank you very much!
Drora, you touched my heart! I broke down when I read that the shells come from the Sea of Galilee... It suddenly made me feel overwhelmed and transported me to the time when Lord Jesus was walking the Earth...and the sea... Thank you so much!!!
I saw this beautiful set of broom and dust pan on Patty's blog and... what do you think?! She sent them to me, together with these beautifully decorated cookies. Aren't these sweet? :) Thank you, Patty!

And wow, isn't this a gorgeous display of Easter products?!? It really left my mouth watering, and the pastel colors look so attractive... And those cookies are REALLY tiny! Thank you so very much, Karin, your work is just amazing!

And she also added a handmade card! :)

Thank you, ladies! You have helped me celebrate the most extended birthday I have ever had. :) I have been partying since the beginning of the month, every time I received a new gift! :)) One more gift is probably on the way, and I will let you know when I get it. Meanwhile, I hope your day is going to be at least as good as mine, and a great big hug to everyone! You are wonderful!!!

11 comentarii:

Eliana spunea...

Congratulations for the beautiful gifts!

Maria Ireland spunea...

All your gifts are wonderful congratulations. Enjoy your treasures. Happy Birthday have a wonderful one.
Hugs Maria

SaMiRa73 spunea...

Hello Simona! A veeeeeery Happy Birthday to you!!! So glad, that the postal service was on our side this time and the missing packages will hopefully soon find their way to you!
Enjoy your Birthday!
Hugs, Sandra

Fabiola spunea...

Happy birthday!!
Beautiful gifts.
Bye Faby

Rosella spunea...

Buon Compleanno e tanta Felicità!!
Sono contenta che ti siano piaciuti i miei regali e che ti possano essere utili per il bagno della casa di bambole.
Ho ricevuto il tuo regalo! E' delizioso!!! Grazie. Non appena avrò un po'di tempo farò un post.
Ciao e baci

Unknown spunea...

Congratulations to your birthday from Craftland. I hope your party was great. Your gifts are all so wunderful.
Hugs from Craftland

Gill spunea...

Happy Birthday, Simona, My gift was sent so early, I'm disappointed it still hasn't arrived. I hope you had a wonderful day, you certainly received some fabulous gifts. Gill x

Eva spunea...

Feliz cumpleaños!!. Unos regalos muy bonitos, a disfrutarlos!. Un saludo, Eva

Drora's minimundo spunea...

Dear Simona, please accept my sincere well wishes and a little belated Happy Birthday!
I am so pleased you liked the shells. I owe you a pitcher. There were two, a small one and little larger one. After I sent the parcel I discovered it was not included with the other one. Sometime later I'll make amends.

Gill spunea...

Hello Simona, I have now returned from my holiday after three weeks and do not see my gift. Has it not arrived? I hope you had a lovely birthday. Gill x

Art Craft Land spunea...

Hi Gill,

Unfortunately, your parcel has not arrived.I am sorry.