sâmbătă, 17 decembrie 2011

Merry Christmas - the finished project

I have finally finished the Christmas roombox, and my children are so excited about it! It does look cute and I reckon that the Christmas tree has great charm for a child. So, I guess I already have some little fans for my work, but I hope you like it too... :)

The food on the table was made by me from Sculpey clay, just lke the little Christmas tree over the fireplace.  The candle is actually a little piece cut from a birthday candle. In the bookcase (also made by me, trimmed with laser cuts), you can see a little mountain house found in a surprise Kinder egg, a book with real files, a shopping bag with some wrapping paper, a golden bell waiting for the carolers...).

The gifts are wood pieces wrapped in paper cut out from catalogs. The little teddy bear comes from a keychain, and the Santas from the sofa and from the bookcase are little magnets. The window has a white frame and there is a real beautiful winter landscape behind the curtains.

Alright, so this is my Christmas roombox. I hope you enjoy the pictures which, like for most things, do not do justice to this cutie. I am preparing some photos for another roombox now, see you soon!

duminică, 27 noiembrie 2011

Christmas Roombox

Christmas is probably my favourite holiday (likely, it is yours too!), so of course I am working on a Christmas project with so much passion! :) Actually, I am working on several projects at the same time... I feel like I want everything ready by tomorrow evening! And I probably would do just that if I didn't have children to feed and a house to take care of. Do you feel like that sometimes, too? :)

Anyway, I have been working on this project for quite some time. First of all, because I only have little time to put it together and secondly because I didn't have... a Christmas tree. I ordered a few online, but hey took so long to reach me. I guess it's because the only shop I could find them at brings them from abroad based on your order only... Anyway, here is my beloved Christmas roombox, as it looks now. I know it is not perfect, but what I'm looking for is to capture the holiday feel...

I still have lots to add, including the food on the table, mounting the window frame, arranging everything around the Christmas tree and stuffing my bookcase. Hopefully, they will be ready really soon! I can't wait to show you my finished project! My three very young children (aged between 17 months  and 4 1/2 years) are in awe... :) They like to observe every  detail and add or move things in the box. Among the many projects I have on mind is also a two-story cardboard dollhouse for them. I think they would absolutely love it... if only I could finish it before Christmas!!!

The bookcase is made by myself (as most of the things in the room) from corrugated cardboard covered in self-adhering paper resembling wood. The trims are laser cuts. The dollhouse in the bookcase is actually a cabin found in a surprise chocolate egg and the fireplace was a transparent sticker which I attached to white card stock.

I made the couch as well. I initially made a green armchair, but I couldn't find the right place in the room for it, so I decided to try this corner sofa. I know, there is a flaw on its backrest, but it will be covered with a toy. The green fabric is an old unused handkerchief (I have quite a few of them, different colors). The rug is cut out from a catalog and the dog comes from my kids' toy stash... I am not sure it will stay indoors though! :)

I hope you like it and I can't wait to show you the progress on my other projects!!


vineri, 11 noiembrie 2011

Medalion "Poinsettia"

Cadoul ideal de oferit: o floare frumoasa, clasica si... nemuritoare. Pe un fundal cu usoare straluciri aurii, aceasta floare rosu-inchis va impodobi orice tinuta, mai ales pe parcursul iernii.

Pandantivul este realizat din lut polimeric.
Dimensiuni: aproximativ 4,5 cm.

vineri, 4 noiembrie 2011

Cercei "Prajitura Bicolor"

O "prajitura" pufoasa si delicioasa, in nuante pastelate galben-roz, cu glazura de ciocolata.

Cerceii sunt realizati din lut polimeric, arata foarte realist si sunt cu tortita argintie.
Dimensiuni: aproximativ 2 cm.

Miniatura "Tort de nunta cu trandafiri portocalii"

Un savuros tort de nunta, imbracat cu "pasta de zahar" perlata si ornat cu trandafiri portocalii. Acest accesoriu se adreseaza in primul rand colectionarilor de miniaturi, insa o replica a lui poate fi realizata pentru a fi purtata ca pandantiv sau chiar ca cercei.

Tortul este din lut polimeric.
Dimensiuni: aproximativ 5 cm.

Cercei "Braduti de Craciun"

Un bradut delicat si vesel, perfect pentru a duce cu tine oriunde spiritul sarbatorilor de iarna si a inveseli pe cei care-l vor privi!

Cerceii sunt realizati din lut polimeric si sunt cu tortita argintie.
Dimensiuni: aproximativ 3,5 cm.

Cercei "Tort cu ciocolata Pink Rose"

Va invit la o felie generoasa de tort de ciocolata! Nu-i asa ca va lasa gura apa? Cunoscutii dumneavoastra vor fi uimiti sa descopere o asemenea delicatesa chiar in dreptul ochilor lor si... vor dori sa guste! Tortul este ornat cu un trandafir suav de "marzipan", de nuanta roz.

Cerceii sunt realizati din lut polimeric, arata foarte realist si sunt cu tortita argintie.
Dimensiuni: aproximativ 1,7 cm.

Cercei "Rulada cu ciocolata"

Oricine va privi la acest set de cercei, va crede ca pot fi gustati, intrucat sunt realizati foarte realist. Cate doua felii de rulada cu ciocolata pe cate un platou auriu face ca aceste bijuterii sa poata fi purtate seara, in perioada sarbatorilor de Craciun... sau oricand simtiti nevoia de ceva dulce!
Cerceii sunt realizati din lut polimeric, cu tortita argintie.
Dimensiuni: aproximativ 3,5 cm.

luni, 10 octombrie 2011

Bine ati venit la Art Craft Land! Incepem cu un concurs? :)

Dragi viitori prieteni,

Iata se deschide un nou blog si, totodata, un nou magazin handmade. Sper ca acesta aduce un suflu nou pe piata romaneasca de produse handmade si ca acestea vor fi apreciate, macar pentru migala si pasiunea cu care am contribuit la crearea lor. Pentru ca sunt abia la inceput si imi doresc sa cunosc parerile doamnelor si domnisoarelor cu privire la acest nou magazin, va astept cu comenzi sau simple comentarii pe marginea subiectului. Primele 25 de persoane care posteaza un comentariu din care sa trag o concluzie cu privire la produsele mele (va plac sau nu, sunt ieftine sau nu, in ce conditii le-ati cumpara, ce alte propuneri imi faceti etc.) vor intra in concurs. Voi extrage numele uneia dintre ele, iar premiul obtinut este una dintre creatiile mele, care sper sa bucure pe dvs. sau pe cineva drag! Asadar, dragi (de acum) prieteni, lasati un semn ca ati trecut pe aici si sper sa ne revedem in curand!