duminică, 29 septembrie 2013

Egyptian Roombox

A while ago, I got my first commission for a miniature room. I was so happy and excited, I couldn't wait to get started working on it! It is taking me a lot of time to finish, though, because I need to take care of my family and home first, and I only have a little time to work (twice a week) when my children go to extracurricular activities after kindergarten. 

Anyways...here is what I am working on: a young lady asked me to create a room for her sister's birthday. It has to contain Egypt-related items, as well as some birds and animals that the family owns.

 I know, it's not perfect, but I guess I'm a pioneer for this type of art in my country, I haven't seen anybody else doing this - for selling, at least. I suppose my customer will like it anyway, she has chosen me to do this for her after seeing my other roomboxes, which were not even this good. besides, I really hope the final result will look beautiful. I still need a couch on the left-side wall, a picture above it, a big piece of furniture on the right-side wall and a turtle aquarium on it, a coffee table in front of the reading nook (with a couple of cups and cookies on it), a parrot cage and a caniche dog. I also have a piece of tapestry in miniature from Egypt which I could lay on the floor as a carpet.

The view from the window was chosen by the customer, as well as the content of the bookcase. I need to add a few other personal pictures of the receiver. The flourishes on the wood panels are laser cuts, glued to the panels then painted. I like how they look, it;s like an intricate sculpted pattern. Some of the books were constructed one by one, but there are also two rows of books that are just printies. However, they look realistic enough. The vase is a beautiful bead, in tones of browns and reds, although it is pretty much covered now by the leaves. 

I can't wait to to show you more photos as the project develops, I really hope you like it and I would be grateful if you gave me advice, as you are more experienced than I am in this field of miniatures. Thank you so much for stopping by!


2 comentarii:

Fabiola spunea...

I like your room box and I'm curious to see it finished.

Drora's minimundo spunea...

It already looks great. The pyramids scenery is a clever touch.
Good luck with this project!
Hugs, Drora