vineri, 27 noiembrie 2015

Christmas Roombox 2015

Hi everyone!I'm so happy to be back, this time with a finished project. It's my dream room for Christmas in 2015! :) I hope you like it, it took me a while, but now it's done and it's here... so enjoy! :) I'm pretty pleased with the result. I know what could have been made better, but maybe next time... I want to thank everyone who sent me some of the pieces in the past: the sliced pudding on the table, the champagne bottle, the pillow, the bonbons and gingerbread, boxes etc. I've had those pieces for years so I do not remember where everything came from, but you will recognize it if it's yours. :) So, thank you!!!

What I love about miniatures is that you can do something so beautiful with such simple stuff you have around your house or things that you can buy but don't cost you a lot. For the first time, I used electric lights. These are real tree lights because I could not find any miniature ones and some of the bulbs are glued to the tree while the others go through under the floor and the last bulb is actually the fire in the fireplace. I like it how it came out, it's really cozy and nice, I think I could cuddle in that armchair with a book in my hands and maybe a slice of Christmas pudding! :) 

Also, I'm glad God created lycopodium! :) It's great, it really looks like Christmas tree branches. I used pearls beads for Christmas balls and punched snowflakes for ornaments. For some texture and sparkle, I added some white glitter to the paper snowflakes. The books are printies and the frames came from a bracelet.

I cover all my roomboxes in assorted wrapping paper. This way, if I sell them or give them as gifts, they look nice. This room is 38 cm long, 27 cm high and 25 cm deep. It is made of very sturdy cardboard.

This is what the room looks like at night, with the Christmas tree lit up... I like the glow and the atmosphere in general. I think I would gladly live in this house! :)

The mirror came from a purse/compact mirror which I bought on purpose for its beautiful frame, thinking I would use it one day. I'm glad that day came! :) I do not like the curtains, though. I know they need a lot more work but I thought I'd make them perfect next time, I struggled with them already for this roombox...

 The fireplace is made from blocks of wood stuck together, then painted white and added some sticker borders to imitate carving, then painted over it again.

I invite you to my room to have a seat in this comfy armchair and a cup of hot chocolate!!!

I hope you like it! 'Til next time, take care! Bye!

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Very beautiful. I really like the Christmas atmosphere.