sâmbătă, 15 iunie 2013

La vie en rose

Hi again, dear friends, after such a long absence... A lot has changed in my life since then, I have become the mother of the fourth child and I am really happy for it! I am really blessed!

Sometime last year, I started a project... I had some idea about what I wanted to do with it, but life got in the way and a few days ago I decided I should finish it already, because I have so many other plans for various things (including my first commission for a roombox :) )... So I did everything I could to make the final touches and here it is today, waiting for some feedback from you!

 You might recognize a few items, those were sent to me as gifts from other fellow miniaturists. Thank you so much! I'm talking about the bag, the roses frame, the shell display, the beauty set on the vanity table. the perfume bottles. Everything else was made by me: the bed was made out of scratch, the table foot was made by aligning a few beads together, the stool was made by using an old glue cap. The mirror brings back a lot of memories, I received it from a friend in the UK when I was a teen! :) I just framed it with some border stickers. To make the roses look smaller, i just ripped off a few petals from some paper roses I had in my stash.

The view from the window is a cutout from a magazine, the lamp is a gift, as well as the box of chocolates on the shelf. The bookcase is made of balsa wood. It was the first time I worked with this type of material and I loved it because I could cut it so easily! The feet of the chair are pieces of toothpicks. :) I bough a whole bunch of them especially for this kind of things... You can also see a lot of printies. Thank you to everyone that help us by posting templates and so on...!
The armoir doors open and, in there, you can see some clothes. I am actually planning on making a couple more dresses to hang in  there, but I was too anxious to wait until then to post pictures... :)
The boxes and trunk are empty. The shoes came from a doll that my daughters got as a present, but they were too young to play with this kind of dangerous toys so I took them off of the doll's feet.
 The roombox is covered with pretty paper in tone with the colours inside the room. I really hope you like it. It's a lot of pink, I know, but I made this with a special kind of girl in mind...there are some girls who REALLY love pink, you know? :) Besides, it helped me with  rendering this nostalgic feel... I look forward to hearing from you, I appreciate your comments very much! Thank you!


4 comentarii:

Eliana spunea...

O quarto rosa é lindo! Ótimo trabalho! =)

Fabiola spunea...

Congratulation for your "new" baby.
I like this sweet roombox.
Greetings, Faby

Maria Ireland spunea...

Hello Simona congratulations on your baby :) Your roombox is wonderful. I love the pink. Beautiful details.
Hugs Maria

Sirkka U spunea...

Congratulations to your family!
Your roombox is very nice. I am happy to see, that there are some things, that I have sent to you last year.