luni, 6 februarie 2012

Gifts I Have Received From Minifriends

This passion of mine for all things mini has put me in touch with other people who like the same things, which is the best part of blogging: making friends all over the world. Although I did not have the time to post anything in January, I am really sorry I did not show you all the cute stuff I got for Christmas and for my birthday... These ladies were so kind to me and they brought me such joy by offering these presents! So, I will post a few pictures of these gifts keeping the order in which they arrived:

Thank you Pepi! You are so talented and I appreciate everything you put into the gift, especially since you had some health problems,but you still did this for me... Thank you very, very much!!! Everything is amazing! 

Thank you, dear Staci! Your gift was a great joy to open too and I can see all your effort to make these lovely things. I love your gift, thank you!!! Plus, she has offered me a free shipping voucher for her shop on Etsy (here).

 Ciao, Faby! I could not believe my eyes when I opened the gift from you: I finally had my own bottle of champagne... :) I will use it on the 28th of February to celebrate by birthday! Really, bottles were something I wished for  since I discovered the land of minis, and I've never had one until now. Also, the rest of the gift was amazing! Thank you very, very much for everything!!!

 Kaisa, I could never thank you enough for the joy you brought me when you decided to send me this gift! It is absolutely awesome and it's something I've been wishing for... The bread looks so real I wanted to taste it! :) Thank you very much, you are great!

 I will be back soon, but probably not until tomorrow or the day after! So have a good night and next time I will post the pictures I've been promising you for my roombox "Paris, mon amour". :)


7 comentarii:

Fabiola spunea...

You were unable to wait for your birthday, curiosity won!
I'm glad you liked my gift.
Bye Faby

Maria Ireland spunea...

Congratulations on your wonderful gifts. They are all beautiful.
Hugs Maria

Eva spunea...

Has recibido unos regalos muy bonitos, felicidades. Un saludo, Eva

kibbygirl spunea...

wow, those are some wonderful gifts! I really love the christmas sign and picture frame in the first picture! So glad you like what I sent too. Have a great night :)

Drora's minimundo spunea...

Beautiful gifts! Enjoy your treasures.

Unknown spunea...

Wonderful gifts you get.
Let the champagne corks popping on your birthday.
Hugs from Craftland

Kaisa spunea...

Happy birthday to you. Enjoy your gifts!