marți, 8 mai 2012

A Lost Gift

Recently, I have received a gift from Gill. My birthday was in February, but the gift she sent me back then lost its way, so she was kind enough to send me another wonderful gift. I love everything she has sent me, I appreciate all the work and effort that have gone into it, it's just amazing! The cookies look so real you could eat them... :) I will soon find a way to incorporate these things in my projects. Thank you very, very much for everything, dear Gill !!!

5 comentarii:

Fabiola spunea...

Gill was very kind to send you a new gift.
Everything is beautiful.
Bye Faby

Maria Ireland spunea...

Congratulations on your wonderful gifts enjoy.
Hugs Maria

Unknown spunea...

Better late than never. The birthday gift from Gill is wonderful. Enjoy.
Hugs from Craftland

Gill spunea...

I'm so pleased these arrived! I hope you may also receive the others one day! Gill x

Drora's minimundo spunea...

Congratulations! These are absolutely beautiful gifts and how wonderful that they didn't get lost.
Hugs, Drora