vineri, 4 noiembrie 2011

Cercei "Prajitura Bicolor"

O "prajitura" pufoasa si delicioasa, in nuante pastelate galben-roz, cu glazura de ciocolata.

Cerceii sunt realizati din lut polimeric, arata foarte realist si sunt cu tortita argintie.
Dimensiuni: aproximativ 2 cm.

4 comentarii:

Unknown spunea...

Fun earrings! And your bear porcelaine is very cute.

Art Craft Land spunea...

Thank you, Mona! I love your work, too! Can't wait to show my first new scene... :) I'm working on a couple right now.

Plushpussycat spunea...

What a sweet scene! I'm so glad I found your blog today! :-)

Art Craft Land spunea...

Thank you very much,Jennifer! Welcome to my humble blog! I look forward to giving you reason to visit often from now on! :)