miercuri, 3 octombrie 2012

Christmas Swap!!!

The moment I've been waiting for: a new Christmas swap organized by Fabiola at Miominimondo! I had so much fun last year putting together the Christmas gifts to send to my swap partners that I couldn't wait for the new edition of this game! :) I also LOVE seeing what great ideas other people find for a swap and often look at the photos in amazement... Such talented people out there!

If you are also looking forward to making new friends and exchanging beautiful handmade mini gifts, come and join Fabiola's swap! All you have to do is leave a comment and start making those little things! :) You only need to make 2 gifts for this Christmas chain, one for the person/link before you and one for the person/link behind you on the list. Easy, right? :)

Well, my children and I are already watching Christmas cartoons and looking forward to the Holidays. What about you? :)