marți, 5 iunie 2012

Let's Have Some Fun!

Hello again, my dear special friends! Yes, I know, a lot of time passes between posts, but I hope you will stick by me. I always hope to have a little more time to craft miniatures...

This time, I want to write about something Rosella nominated me for, and I thank her, it was a surprise to see the name of my blog on her list!

I have to share 5 habits or secrets with you, and I will do this just for the fun of it - I know I'm not that interesting to give me your time, but please bear with me! :)

1. Number one thing is my faith, I'm an Orthodox Christian, and I strive every day to overcome my weaknesses, which are many... I hope God so help us all and that we all get to spend eternity in His loving arms.

2. I cook three times a day, a fresh dish for every meal for my children and husband.

3. The miniature blogs are a dangerous zone for me because I tend to forget about the work I need to do around the house when I look at all your amazing posts and witness your wonderful talent...

4. I love, love, love chocolate, especially the Belgian kind (with milk).

5. I studied foreign languages as I am so interested in discovering other cultures and visiting new countries, I'm really fascinated. I haven't had a lot of opportunities so far, but I hope someday I will be able to travel more with my family.

I should pass this game to other people,but I decided not to nominate blogs (as they are all beautiful) but rather ask my partners for Kaisa's Birthday Swap 2012 to do the same as I did and list 5 things about themselves. I would  LOVE to know you better, ladies!